Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Freddie Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to star as Freddie Mercury in a new biopic. Genius.
The film’s script is being written by Peter Morgan, the go-to guy for screenplays about public figures after The Queen, Frost/Nixon, The Last King of Scotland, et al. According to Deadline, he’s writing “a script focused on the band’s formative years, leading up to Queen’s appearance at Live Aid in 1985″. That’s one hell of a climax for a pop movie.

Apparently the rights to Queen’s songs have been cleared, so the film can be absolutely stuffed with them. The decision as to whether or not Cohen will lip sync or sing himself is being left until after a director has been hired.

That all makes perfect sense . Now – I only hope they get Kuntz and Maguire to reteam and direct in the style of their Electric Six Radio Gaga music video. Or… maybe not. But, boy, I did really love their music videos.

JS Bach - Uncommon Bach (DTS-HD)



For those of you who have seen the greek movie "Dogtooth" (Nominated for an Oscar as best foreigh movie), you may recognise the singer of the band "Mary and the Boy". Her psychotic performance in the movie is the same psychotic performance on stage. Mary and the boy is a band that my friend Nana showed to me, a band totally out of the greek reality but full in Sinful voice, passionate need for a real and free life, rebels of the fat idiot music that our ears use to easy-listen. They worth your attention, they will get it, either you want it or not. But they deserve it, they really rock. Please, close your eyes, turn the lights off, light up a candle and start with a dream, till you will finally wake up from your bad nightmare we use to call "Life as we know it". Mary and the Boy will be with you.

Flunk - Blue Monday

I don't know a lot about Flunk but i know that i first heared this band (and this song) to a cafe in Thessaloniki (Greece) and the first think i tried to do is to learn the name of the song and the band-singer. So i give it to you. Enjoy this.

JS Bach - Uncommon Bach (DTS-CD)

JS Bach - Suite 1-3 (DVD-AUDIO)

Friday, September 9, 2011

JS Bach - Organ Spectacular (DVD-AUDIO+DTS-CD)